Countermeasures to US’ Trade Barrier
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    Hubei Jiayun Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-stock high-tech enterprise, established on the basis of the original Hubei Xiantao Best Chemical Co., Ltd. The company has engaged in producing fine chemicals for more than 20 years, and at present, it mainly specializes in producing paper chemicals, building chemicals, pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. 

     The company is situated in Liukou industrial park, xiantao city, 500 meters from Hankou-Yichang Expressway, it is easy of access. There are several modern standard industrial plants, which is equipped with advanced chemical equipment, complete unit operations of chemical engineering, perfect product inspection system. Based on strong R&D capacity and exquisite synthesis technology, the company is expert in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Moreover, the company owns unique core technology on polyamine synthesis field. In addition, the company has established extensive technical cooperation relations with colleges, universities, research institutions and multinational chemical companies, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise. 

     On the basis of technological innovation, and top-grade qualities, the company has introduced international management model. The company has set up management center, R&D center, technology center, sales and service department, quality assurance department and other departments. In accordance with ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System and ISO14001: 2004 International Environmental Management System, we strive to  achieve new heights. 

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